with Roll Shaper exercises!
Proven Body Shaping Concept,
present all around the world.


Every woman wants the same thing – to look beautiful, healthy and to be happy. She wants to take care of her body in a friendly atmosphere, with the support of professional staff and emphasis on effective treatment.


  • A Global Concept of Body Shaping
  • Unique "know - how" of a tested business idea
  • Successful "recipe" for business, proven by over 800 existing studios in 26 countries all over the world
  • Franchise that is simple, clear and gives our Partners independence in their actions
  • Manufacturer of devices such as: Roll Shaper, Infra Swan Shaper, Tulip
The number of studios working in Studio Figura Concept is growing constantly, from six to twelve new studios opening every month!

We created a unique idea for business,
operating already as a huge franchise network,
based on 5 pillars

Our own, innovative equipment

Tested and – most importantly – effective dietary program

Our own cosmetics and supplements

Effective marketing strategy that helps gaining clients

Dedicated SF platform that facilitates business

Roll Shaper is our most popular device, adored by millions of women all around the world.

The massage performed on Roll Shaper stimulates the production of lymphatic fluids and the expansion of lymph vessels. It is one of the most effective method of slimming and eliminating cellulite

Protected Intellectual Property Rights: EUIPO trade mark RollShaper and EUIPO RollShaper.


  • 5 basic programs
  • 900 individual programs
  • moto-hours counter
  • all languages
  • calorie calculation
  • IR lamps
  • barrel and leather colour - for individual order
  • exclusive design
  • svarowski's diamonds pillow
  • 5 basic programs
  • 900 individual programs
  • moto-hours counter
  • all languages
  • calorie calculation
  • IR lamps
  • 900 colours of laminate
  • DVD connection
  • audio functions
  • 5 basic programs
  • 900 individual programs
  • moto-hours counter
  • all languages
  • calorie calculation
  • IR lamps
  • barrel and leather colour - for individual order
  • exclusive design
  • svarowski's diamonds
  • 5 basic programs
  • 900 individual programs
  • moto-hours counter
  • all languages
  • calorie calculation
  • IR lamps
  • barrel and leather colour - for individual order
  • exclusive design
  • 5 basic programs
  • barrel colour - wenge
  • simple design
  • 5 basic programs
  • 10 individual programs
  • barrel colour - wenge
  • simple design


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because:

Substantive support

Relevant diet program adapted to each client individually – every francisee gets ready sets of packages for specific purposes.

Complementary products

We created a unique line of cosmetics and supplements produced especially for Studio Figura and available only in licensed studios.

Marketing strategy

We teach our partners how to to create the buzz marketing in Social Media, make the studio a special place for women in the local community.


I was using Roll Shapers myself for two years and loved how the machines made me feel. The Distributor in UK encouraged me to set up a studio in my hair salon. It was really easy to set up the Franchise. Six weeks from when I ordered my machines I got the best birthday present ever. I opened my own Studio in Chingford on 22nd January 2016.

Betty Televantou

Studio Figura Chingford, UK
I started using Roll Shapers because I wanted to lose some weight and at the same time improve the appearance of my skin. I had problems with my knee and as a result wasn't able to perform a regular training in a gym. Roll Shapers gave me the opportunity not only to lose extra kilograms and reduce girths, but at the same time improved my general well-being. I became addicted to them to an extent that I decided to open my own Studio. I'm so happy that my clients loved it too:) I honestly recommend to everyone!


Studio Figura in London, UK
I was fascinated by this business primarily when I became a Studio Figura client. After giving birth to my child, I had to deal with the remaining kilograms and bad looking skin… After five massage treatments on Roll Shaper machines, I saw that my body started to deal with its problems, and after two months I was already happy with myself again! Then the idea came to me that these machines and the concept of Studio Figura could become my business, too! I was seduced by the opportunity to work in a feminine environment, with a flexible schedule (I am my own boss!), without stress, with low investment demand and rapid buy-off. I had no experience in this field, but I received comprehensive training and certification from Studio Figura. I am working the second year already and I am satisfied with my studio and the excellent results of my clients!


Studio Figura Norway, Oslo
I always knew that I would like to run my own business, connected with health and beauty. I heard a lot about Roll Shapers and their beneficial influence on skin appearance. I decided to check how it works on my own. It occured that only after a couple of treatments my cellulite was visibly reduced, skin became firmer and smoother. I thought that I need to bring this Concept to Turkey. I was sure that Turkish women will love it and additionally they will appreciate a place, where they can feel so comfortable.


Studio Figura Ankara, Turkey
Shortly after I moved to England in my early 20’s and after working several different occupations I ended up in a pre-school. Unfortunately the job was taking up all of my free time. When I did have free time I loved visiting my family back in Poland and going to Studio Figura Lubicz with my sister. It was my sanctuary! Then just over a year ago, when I was doing lymphatic drainage, my sister suggested starting my own Figura. I laughed it off but my sister Maja arranged a call with Malgorzata Pawlowska, the owner of Studio Figura Lubicz. After that conversation I couldn’t stop thinking about it and the things that I could achieve. Back in England and fully motivated, I went straight over to see my best friend Agnieszka and asked her if she wanted to be my business partner. And she said yes!!! She couldn’t resist me haha. We have beed open for 12 months now and I couldn’t be happier.


Studio Figura Leicester, UK
I have always known that I want to help women to feel better and more beautiful. Ever since my school days, I dreamt about running a beauty salon. One day I came across Studio Figura, which was run by one of my school friends. I've heard a lot of positive things about this place, especially about Roll Shapers and their beneficial influence on body and health. Her success encouraged me to open my own studio. My clients fell in love with Roll Shapers as much as I did!


Studio Figura Swiecie, Poland
When I no longer was president of Sportino Inowroclaw Basketball Team, I started to wonder what should I do next? I'm an active person and couldn't imagine doing nothing. The place was empty and I had no idea for business. For some time, I'd been suffering from shooting pain in my calves at night. I couldn't go to sleep, so I sat at the computer and looked for help on the internet. Roll Shaper devices, that my friend told me about, caught my eye. I went for two treatments and the pain was totally gone! The next day, I told my husband "honey, I have an idea for business, I'm opening a body-shaping studio". He looked at me in amazement but said nothing. I began calling Studio Figura to order equipment. That's how the biggest journey of my life has started!


Studio Figura Inowrocław, Poland
My journey with Studio Figura started similarly like other Studio Figura owners. First, I was a client. I became so fascinated with the machines, especially with Roll Shapers that I decided to start this business. First studio I opened 3 years ago, three next studios I opened one year ago and this year I open my 5th Studio. I became addicted to the Concept, my success proves that it works!


Studio Figura Poznan Staroleka, Poland

Frequently asked questions.

This is a device on which you can perform a lymphatic drainage massage. During the session, the whole lymphatic system is stimulated and lymph is directed to the lymphatic nodes.

Roll Shaper treatment effectively stimulates lymph circulation, eliminates cellulite and other toxins from your body. The training helps to reduce swelling, improve elasticity and firmness of your skin. It helps to speed up metabolism in your muscles as well as your subcutaneous parts. During the massage, your body releases endorphins, which are also a pain killer. They give a strong sense of physical and mental relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage massage can have a beneficial effect on your general health. Lymph is a key to keep your immune system working properly. Improvement of the flow and drainage of lymph around the body can:

  • reduce the chance of suffering from minor colds and viruses
  • help reduce water retention
  • boost weight loss, as improving the lymphatic system will improve your metabolic rate, thanks which burning calories is more efficient

One session on Roll Shaper takes 60 minutes. During the treatment you will perform 18 different positions - to massage your feet, legs, buttocks, upper and lower part of your belly, sides, arms and back.

The production of Roll Shaper takes 6 weeks.

It is recommended to buy at least 4 Roll Shapers and set them next to each other because the ladies like to talk. However, if you want to buy more, it is obviously possible.

Yes, you can either become a part of Studio Figura Franchise with all its benefits and support or simply buy Roll Shapers and operate under your own brand.

The most popular Roll Shaper is Roll Shaper BB + IR. It is recommended especially for commercial use.

Roll Shaper Gold, this is a type which can be bought for home use. However, we sell them only to specific countries, so please feel free to ask individual question.

A single client may perform up to 5 Roll Shaper sessions during one week.

There are the following contradictions of using Roll Shaper:

  • heart disease
  • cancer
  • varicose veins
  • pregnancy
  • after surgery condition
  • circulatory system disorders


I just went crazy. I'm from Łódź, and since June I have spent some time in Studio Figura Retkinia in this city. An interesting fact is that there are many places like this in the market, but THIS ONE is unique. I was in each of them looking for something suitable for me, but there was something wrong. Not that I was demanding, but I did not feel motivated to act anywhere, on the contrary I felt left alone - even in group activities (what I honestly do not like). My sister encouraged me to visit Studio Figura. I started to use Roll Shaper, the exercises improved not only the appearance of my skin but also helped me to fight my infections from which I suffered. Additionally, what I experienced HERE was professionalism from the first meeting - everything was perfectly explained. If I could describe it sweet - I would say "donuts with icing", i.e. there is no way not to lick, be happy and full of positive thoughts. Super girls, great place, sensational treatments and stations, and at the same time an unmatched atmosphere ...I RECOMMEND IT!


I come to Studio Figura in Jasło. Very nice service, unique Roll Shaper machines, which make wonders. Thanks to Roll Shaper treatments my metabolism sped up, and as a result I lost 10 kg! The owner Ula is a wonderful woman with her heart on her sleeve. Individual, professional approach to the client. Great atmosphere, and what's most important, Roll Shaper treatments together with relevant diet made me feel beautiful again. I honestly recommend it to everyone! I honestly recommend to everyone!


Roll Shaper massage helped me to speed up the metabolic rate, thanks to which burning calories became more efficient. Women I met in Studio Figura Kalisz explained to me in detail how to perform the training in order to achieve the best results. From the very beginning, they became so close to me. It's amazing that despite age difference they are real friends of mine. Girls are very professional and they create such a wonderful atmosphere that the moment I leave is the moment I think about coming back! I simply love this place so much. When I go back home I feel rejuvenated, slimmer and 10 years younger.


I have been struggling with my overweight for 4 years already. Finally, in Studio Figura thanks to relevant diet and Roll Shaper treatments I could fight it off and win. Full professionalism and huge support from the girls. I'm much happier because of you guys!!! I succeeded thanks to your guides. At the very beginning, I received huge motivation and support in my struggle. Then I was advised how to perform the training correctly so that it would be most effective. Carry on with your competitions, in which Studio Figura clients can win memberships. You make happy not only me but also other women dreaming about great body. Many thanks!!!


I used to go to fitness classes, but I didn't like it - it was too exhausting. I love Roll Shaper thanks to which I can simply relax, talk to other girls and not move too much:) I achieved great results only after 3 treatments. My girths became reduced, skin smoother and more elastic. I absolutely love it! Roll Shaper will give you great results and at the same time you are not tired at all!


I came to Studio Figura with a friend. She had already started using Roll Shapers and she encouraged me to do the same. I have a bit of excessive fatty tissue, so I decided to give it a go. After about 2 weeks I noticed that my body started to change. I bought a pass and now I'm coming here regularly. I'm not paying much for such a treatment, so I'm very happy.


I came to Studio Figura to check out the Roll Shapers. Somebody told me that it reduces fatty tissue effectively and gives other splendid results. I started seeing effects after first session. My skin became firmer and swelling with which I had so many problems became reduced. Recommend it for every woman, who doesn't want or can't move too much:)



Videos showing the benefits of
Roll Shaper treatments

Lymph vessels

Lymph vessels make a network that covers every inch of your skin. The lymph vessels start very small in what are called the initial lymphatic. The initial lymphatic is a very delicate structure, one cell thick. Those cells are supported within the connective tissue by collagen and elastin fibres that help to anchor them in place. When the pressure within the interstitial space increases due to a buildup of fluid, the filaments deform the wall of the initial lymphatic, opening it up. Then the interstitial fluid flows in and starts to move along the channel. At this point we start calling it lymph. Although only 2-3 liters of lymph is filtered through the lymph system per day, it is vital because it helps to remove proteins that are too large to get back through the capillary wall. (Guyton and Hall, Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease, 6th edition, W.B aunders Company, Philadelphia, 1997, page 139). The spaces that open in the initial lymphatic are 4 to 6 times bigger than the spaces in the capillaries. Removal of protein is essential because they draw water to themselves, so excess protein in the interstitial spaces causes swelling or edema.

Lymph node

Eventually, all lymph vessels lead to lymph nodes. The primary function of lymph nodes is to filter and purify the lymph. The lymph nodes produce various types of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes destroy harmful substances within the body, and are a big part of the immune system. The lymph nodes reabsorb about 40% of the liquid content of the lymph. This makes the lymph much thicker. Because of this thickening and the filtering process, the lymph nodes offer the greatest resistance to the flow of lymph. The lymph system is part of your body's immune system. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins on the way and then leach out the toxins out through the lymph nodes.

Become a distributor of our Concept!

Over the last 12 years we developed a global network of studios. The Concept is such a splendid success because we created it on unique know-how. This is the most efficient and the most comprehensive fitness/wellness model of a studio in the world.

We provide our clients with a lot of assistance during the whole process of opening the studio, as well as later when the studio operates. Studio Figura International is not only a brand but also a symbol of a successful idea for business as well. If you are ready, we are here for you to open new markets!




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